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Designers, artists and architects with passion for creative and innovative sustainability concepts. 


Our history

HIDE Design Story.

HIDE Design came to life as result of a successful collaboration between Aalto University and Tuusula municipality in 2015. Our team is originating from creative sustainability Aalto master program. We are multicultural and diverse team, with an opportunity to find out of the box solutions. Our unique skills in sustainability, design, research, architecture and social interaction allows us to produce unique concepts and products focused on sustainability, renewable energy and environmental issues.  


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HIDE Design Values. 

Hide Design is bringing a totally new approach towards design and sustainability. Our main values are to rethink nowadays problems and redesign our society. Below you will find a list of values that shapes our identity as a creative sustainability studio.



For HIDE Design, sustainability is not just a social or political dilemma, it is a prime solution for all the design issues we have in our lives. We live in a world where environmental issues are far to be solved or even taken into consideration. It is of our duty to start acting and avoid future social and environmental collapses.   

Locality and regionality

It is of our task to revive traditions and cultural values and bring them into the light through new design approaches. One of the main key aspect of nowadays society is globalization and even-though it is seen as positive economic path we are continuously losing the connection to our roots and our traditions.


Our environment is collapsing due to lack of research and consequences we produce. It is crucial to have a comprehensive system thinking which is taking in to consideration all the parts and layers that can be effected by our design.  


multicultural and multidisciplinary

In HIDE we look at the same problem from different angles (architecture, design and research) and identify the best solution by joining all of our backgrounds. Trans-cultural approach is bringing new opportunities in expanding the vision towards solving the problem.