We are a visionary designers and artists with a passion for creative concepts and engaging urban experiences. We are focusing our work in the field of sustainability and active urban development. As designers, HIDE Design will go few steps further than just using design and architecture as a profiling tool. We find opportunities in integrating all our skills in order to give value to our products and art piece installations.

Choosing strong concepts over traditional approaches for an empowered community and a healthier planet.

Choosing strong concepts over traditional approaches for a stronger community and a healthier planet.

Our main task is to improve everyday lifestyle by bringing new communication and social interaction between urban users as well as increase awareness for nowadays environmental problems. A good story becomes the foundation for clear, attractive and highly distinctive sustainability concepts, those we strongly believe that our products, installation and concepts can both fulfill the gap in nowadays poor social interaction as well as lack of education towards sustainability. 



Goeun Park  Designer    Goeun.Park@hidedesign.co

Goeun Park Designer


Goeun Park: researcher who has been working for design organizations and conduting design researches on how design practices have cultural and political implications in our society. Now trying to understand about world better and make it more sustainble. Dreaming to be botanical artist someday!

Dan Palarie  Architect    Dan.Palarie@hidedesign.co    Tel: +358 (0)400 217 126

Dan Palarie Architect


Tel: +358 (0)400 217 126

Dan Palarie: architect with experience in industrial, housing and public architecture. Interested in robotics, parametric design and new ways to integrate sustainability in everyday life. I strongly believe that through design and architecture we can can change our environment and social interiaction.

Anna Muukkonen    Designer    Anna.Muukkonen@hidedesign.co    Tel: +358 (0)400 425 540

Anna Muukkonen Designer


Tel: +358 (0)400 425 540

 Finnish industrial designer with background in product and lighting design especially with LEDs and fibre optics. As a balance to productive work in materialistic world teaching yoga steps in picture: “Before I was interested how the man made world was constructed. Now I have started to discover how we as a humans and our social networks are formed and operating.”

Soroush Moradi  Designer    Soroush.Moradi@hidedesign.co    Tel: +358 (0)451 648 900

Soroush Moradi Designer


Tel: +358 (0)451 648 900

Soroush Moradi: design engineer with background in Industrial design, Automotive engineering and Creative sustainability. Always on the lookout for new design challenges and new sustainable technology. Dog lover, traveler and adventurous.