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SOLAR DIY Workshop

DIY workshop held in DODO, Helsinki.

Solar DIY Workshop with DODO organization.

This workshop was held in Sept 2017 in Helsinki. The organization we worked with to make this workshop happen is DODO. 

DODO is a Finnish Environmental Organization addressing the global environmental issues through different actives. 

Workshop was in their backyard green house which DODO members built themselves, it was the best place to have the workshop since it was surrounded with greenery inside and beehives outsides plus some solar panels on the roof to make offgrid unit complete. 

Same as previous workshops we provided the Solar Light and Solar Charger Kit for the participants; we had twenty participants ranging from 13 to 70 years old. The aim of the workshops are still the same, changing the public opinion toward solar energy and sustainable technologies through DIY spirit; this method will help the participants to have a direct/hands on approach with solar panels and green energy which in turn takes away the fear of using new technologies due to complexity in their everyday life. 

*Solar PET is a place where the workshop participants share their already made products and ask questions and guide for their future projects.


DODO workshop

Event summary

Thanks to HOUMAN we made a short video of our workshop, perhaps this gives a better understanding of what and how we do our workshops. 

In almost all of our workshops we start with an Introduction about the sustainable technology (mainly solar panels) and the effect of using them, the next stage is to start Making following our written guide and us mentoring them and the final stage will be testing their Results and making sure it works. 


Photos from the event:

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