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HIDE Design co.

SOLAR DIY Workshop

Closing the gap between renewable energy industries and people by having a hands on approach.


Aim of

DIY Workshop

It’s all about the gap.

Bridgning the gap between the renewable energy and people.




WHat we make in the workshop

Making part

In our workshop we provide two DIY kits, Solar charger and Solar light.

After a short intro about the renewable energy and sustainable lifestyle we dive into making part and guide our participants through the making of their DIY kit. We provide a written guide in case someone wants to build a new kit after the workshop.




Solar Charger

Solar charger is a single 6V panel covered with recycled tarpaulin fabric. This kit is meant to charge a cellphone or power bank.




Solar Light

Solar light consist of small 5V panel accompanied by either a recycled battery or three rechargeable NiMH and of course three LED.




story behind

Solar Charger

recyled tarp and good quality panel.

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